The EVACUATOR™ is a unique and revolutionary means of saving people who live and work at altitudes ranging from 6 to 300 metres. In case of fire, the elevators automatically switch off and the emergency exits fill up with smoke. But the EVACUATOR™ can always take you to safety by allowing you to descend on a steel cable in a controlled manner – on the outside of the building and well away from the fire. You descend automatically at a speed of one metre per second and reach the ground quickly and safely. This literally makes the EVACUATOR™ your lifeline. Anyone who works or lives at a high altitude or is responsible for the safety of people who do. When you are high up, the EVACUATOR™ is the perfect solution. Wouldn’t you rather be certain of your safety?

Available in three models



Approved by the German inspection institute DEKRA and certified for 33 European countries: EN341.


• The EVACUATOR™ is located inside the building and provides a means of escape via the outside
• The descent is fully controlled at a speed of one metre per second
• Intended for people and organisations responsible for safety at heights
• No electricity required: the EVACUATOR™ is automated and independent, and therefore guaranteed to work at all times
• Immediately ready to use in case of emergency
• Easy to use, compact and affordable
• Several installation options
• Currently engineered for buildings of up to 300 metres in height
• Each reel enables four persons to descend to safety. The maximum load per reel is 282kg
• Developed, engineered and manufactured by professional organizations in the Netherlands: Dutch design
• PCT patent pending
• Approved by the German inspection institute DEKRA and EN341 certified for 33 European countries
• Installation, training and annual inspection by an independent service provider, certified by Evacuator WorldWide BV
• Five-year warranty